I am a scholar and designer within the contexts of
instructional, visual, and interaction design.

I do design research,
I teach design,
and I practice design,

building an understanding and experience
of design and design practice.


My dissertation, titled Living in Two Worlds: A Critical Ethnography of Academic and Proto-Professional Interactions in a Human-Computer Interaction Design Studio documents how students create a set of proto-professional behaviors in relation to a formal design-focused HCI pedagogy, underscoring the importance of understanding the student experience as an external component of the formal pedagogy.

teaching experience


At Indiana University, I taught as a volunteer Associate Instructor or formal mentor for two courses during the Fall 2011 semester, and served as a formal mentor in one course in the Fall 2012 semester. These experiences built my face-to-face teaching experience, focused on developing teaching skills within a design studio context.


I taught online courses for University of Phoenix from 2009-2014, teaching over twenty sections of courses in web development and strategy.

design experience

I began working as a web developer in the mid-1990s, publishing my first commercial site in 1997. Since then, I have acquired and utilized a wide range of design, development, and strategic tools to expand my competencies in the areas of visual design, interaction design, and instructional design. I have worked in a variety of capacities as a designer—from on-site to contract to freelance. My work can be found in the context of small, local businesses to startups to Fortune 500 companies.


I have produced an extensive range of solutions for an array of small to enterprise level clients, including work in web/interactive and print, with roles that include visual, interaction, and instructional design.