I am on sabbatical from May 2022 to August 2023 and have some plans! My high level goals are to re-energize my research, increase engagement and dissemination efforts so that the work of my lab continues to drive positive societal and industry change, and better understand the impact and opportunities for improvement in our UX Design program at Purdue.

With a sabbatical comes travel, and I am thrilled to work with partners in multiple parts of the world across the next year. If I will be close to you and would like to grab a drink or meal, collaborate on a project, or give a talk at your institution or company, please get in touch!


  • I assisted in a study abroad program in the United Kingdom with my colleagues Paul and (husband) Austin. We got to meet our amazing friends at Newcastle University (Open Lab) and Northumbria University (NORTH Lab) for the first time since the pandemic and I am setting up some projects for the fall semester.
  • I presented a draft paper with amazing collaborators Cristiana Santos and Nataliia Bielova at the Privacy Law Scholars Conference, entitled: Usable EU-Compliant Cookie Consent Banners: Is it possible?. We got some amazing feedback that will improve this draft prior to submission at a venue to be named soon.

FALL 2022

  • I will be in Newcastle upon Tyne from August 10th to October 7th with my home base at Open Lab, Newcastle University.