I have taught a wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses across my career at Purdue University and Indiana University. These courses reflect my commitment to student agency through studio and collaborative learning.

Undergraduate UX Design Program

  • Purdue University
    • CGT 172-08: User Experience Design Studio I: Fundamentals [taught SP’16; SP’17, SP’18, SP’19, SP’20, SP’21; coordinated multiple sections in SP’22]
    • CGT 271-08: User Experience Design Studio II: Screen [co-taught FA’16; taught FA’17, FA’18, FA’19, FA’20, FA’21]
    • CGT 272-08: User Experience Design Studio III: Cross-Channel [co-designed SP’17 offering]
    • CGT 371-08: User Experience Design Studio IV: Strategy [co-designed FA’17 offering]
    • CGT 372-08: User Experience Design Studio V: Specialization [co-designed and co-taught SP’18 offering; co-taught SP’19, SP’20, SP’21]

Graduate Courses

  • Indiana University
    • INFO I590: HCI/d Studio Practice [new course for SP’24; taught SP’24]
    • INFO I541: Thesis/Project in Human-Computer Interaction [re-designed FA’23 offering; co-taught two sections in FA’23]
  • Purdue University
    • CGT 572-00: UXD Graduate Studio I: Fundamentals [co-designed FA’17 offering; co-taught FA’18, FA’20]
    • CGT 597-00: UXD Grad Capstone [co-taught SP’20, SP’21, SP’22]
    • TECH 533-00: Design Theory and Technology [taught FA’16, FA’17, FA’19, FA’21]
    • TECH 697-00: Qualitative Research Methods for Technology Studies [co-designed and co-taught SP’18; taught SP’19; co-taught SP’20]

Other Modules and Course Experiences

  • Tangible Embodied Interaction (4-day module)
    This module has been taught at Beijing Normal University as part of their UX concentration within a Master of Applied Psychology program. [taught SU’18; co-taught SU’19, SU’20, SU’21]
  • Dark Patterns and Designer Responsibility (1-day module)
    This module was taught at the Interdisciplinary Summerschool on Privacy (ISP 2019). [taught SU’19]
  • Digital Civics in the United Kingdom (16-day study abroad experience)
    In this study abroad experience, students engage in local community informatics projects that have relevance to the urban center of Newcastle upon Tyne, located in North East England, in partnership with Newcastle University and Open Lab. [co-taught SU’18; SU’19; planned for SU’20 and cancelled due to COVID-19; SU’21]
  • UX Design in China (9-day study abroad experience)
    In this study abroad experience, students engage in characteristics of UX education and practice in a Chinese context, in partnership with Beijing Normal University and BNUX. [planned for Spring Break’20 and cancelled due to COVID-19]