I have engaged in a variety of teaching—in formal and informal settings, and in online and face-to-face modalities. I have also designed a wide variety of course components, including customization of online course materials for the courses I teach through University of Phoenix, course support materials for a variety of client projects while at Think Up Consulting, and in the development of supportive job aids for residential courses.


At Indiana University, I have taught as a volunteer Associate Instructor or formal mentor for two courses during the Fall 2011 semester, and served as a formal mentor in one course in the Fall 2012 semester. These experiences serve to build my face-to-face teaching experience, focused on developing teaching skills within a design studio context. These courses include one 300-level undergraduate course and one graduate-level course:

EDUC-R341: Multimedia in Instructional Technology
INFO-I541: Interaction Design Practice


I taught online courses for University of Phoenix from 2009 to 2014, including 26 sections of undergraduate courses in web development and strategy.

WEB404: Web Design & Development I course description
WEB435: Web Commercialization II course description