If you are interested in inviting me for a talk, I have some presentations ready to go for you! If you would prefer a more custom combo of content for your specific academic or industry context, feel free to get in contact.

Dark Patterns

What are dark patterns? Why are they harmful, what forms do they take, and what can we do about them?

Employing “Everyday Ethics” in Design Practices

How can technology practitioners become more ethically aware and able to act in their workplace? What methods, tactics, and identity claims are needed to support ethically-centered work?

Addressing Dark Patterns through Bi-Directional Use of the Law and Design

How can legal scholars and designers combine perspectives to better combat dark patterns and deceptive design practices?

Languaging Design Methods

What are design methods and what kind(s) of knowledge do they contain? How can we better describe both the components of design methods and how they support new patterns of action to enrich design practice?

Envisioning the Future of UX and HCI Education

What do UX and HCI students need to learn to be successful, and how can we model transformative learning experiences to support the future of the discipline?